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Artwork from The Twelve Dimensions of Israel

These and any other pictures from the book are available. More accurate color representations can be seen in the book.

General Background Concepts

When G-d spoke the world came into being. Thus the source language, Hebrew, contains the deepest secrets of creation. Those paintings that center around the theme of a Hebrew letter express certain metaphysical nuances of reality that are formed in relationship to the effluence of that letter's energy. Each letter can be seen as a specific channel of Divine light through which G-d's infinity is contracted into the creation.

The letter is juxtaposed on a background of the land inheritance of a particular tribe which corresponds to a specific month of the year as well as many other corresponding categories of twelve that appear throughout the Torah. Thus the artist has labeled this integration of these various categories of twelve "The Twelve Dimensions of Israel." The images are a result of extensive research through the Torah and its Kaballah as well as travels to the land inheritances of the tribes.

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